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Another Linden leave the ship: Rob Linden, after a short while when Phillip said he’s moving.

Rob Linden Leaving the Lab

Rob Linden who is Rob Lanphier in real life announced on the SL Dev list that he is leaving Linden Lab.

Rob tells us he’s leaving due to personal circumstances, but people overcome personal circumstances sometimes when they feel they are doing a job that is really, really important where they are really, really wanted.

No doubt the chill on opensource that he would perceive, even though it does not end the program but merely makes it *accountable* is something he opposed, or at least wasn’t his idea, or at least wasn’t something he wanted to be the one to supervise, having to rein in all those people that he let do what they want all this time.

His “last words” was related to Snowglobe, the client i love and use 🙂

p.s. now let’s get Snowglobe 1.2 out the door 😉   RC1 available now:

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