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Imprudence Viewer

Yeah, i am always trying various Secondlife clients, and i must say, this Imprudence seems to be a good one.
Plenty of features, some still i must find out how to enable/disable, but hei.. you know what? i just realised i won’t need mistytool radar now, cause of magic hud from Imprudence, right below minimap.

Another thing that worth to be said: It’s moving good, i have more FPS than the regular secondlife client, obviously better than Emerald, and i feel it’s better than Kirsten’s too, for features in this client,but i need more time for deciding. FPS Ruler for me, by the way
More of this client features: object backup, Asset browser, a nice double click to teleport… and many many more!
Very Nice!

Read more about imprudence here:


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