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Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

ACTAThe proposed Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) that would change global norms for the enforcement of intellectual property rights is shrouded in secrecy.
What’s all about?
In order to benefit from the safe harbors, ISPs may have to provide new clauses in consumer contracts, to stop non authorized uses. The EU believes there some space for a “graduated response” (which goes further than the DMCA), sometimes better known as “three strikes and you’re out”. Yes, the EU is referring to, three strikes and they pull the plug, you’re not on the Internet… Details? No. That’s still a secret.

On the international front, it provides firm confirmation that the treaty is not a counterfeiting trade, but a copyright treaty. These provisions involve copyright policy as no reasonable definition of counterfeiting would include these kinds of provisions.

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Theft report, weird reaction in case of RobbyRacoon Olmstead and copybotter Ugur Tunwarm

This is a strange one indeed, RobbyRacoon Olmstead awoke on September 10th to an im that his Wave Katana that he had created seemed to have been copied and was being sold as part of an outfit as an unscripted demo sword. Curious (or more likely fuming) he purchased the outfit and confirmed that in his opinion it was indeed a copy of his sword. I’m not using “In his opinion” as a sleight, I simply don’t know myself but I think most people would trust the creator of the original to be on the ball on these matters.

The evidence of this can be found here, where RobbyRacoon explains why he feels he has such a strong case of content theft and the evidence there does look very strong indeed. This prompted RobbyRacoon to file an abuse report, and he logged off expecting that the matter would be dealt with. What he didn’t expect, and nor would most people, was that he would be banned for violating the TOS in the form of “Identity confirmation“, which confused RobbyRacoon as he’d had payment info on file for three years…..

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