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WTH: Second thoughts… The Sickness of Helping Newbies, the Sickness of Freebies

Just happens to be subscribed on Second Thoughts RSS.. there’s a lot of interesting articles. But, last one… “The Sickness of Helping Newbies, the Sickness of Freebies” it’s a big NO NO from me! And it’s not about XstreetSL, that’s already on LLab hands, they play as they want with that service offered to residents, to browse for products “out-world” and buy it there, or go inworld, to check the products “live”. It’s just because there’s a direct touch to SecondLife Mentors. To all.

My personal opinion it’s that most of us do that way: Browse for good stuff on XStreet, then travel inworld, following creator picks in profile, to see their products and purchase. More, lazy (i’m one of them) buys straight from Xstreet, as it’s more easy to reach products, than moving from shop to shop, waiting for relocation, rezzing area… But… always shopping inworld it’s more enjoyable than browsing a website. Continue reading


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This article it’s too interesting not to keep it in my blog history 🙂
Listen to Podcast, really a interesting point of view.
Article source here: Read comments! 🙂

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Don’t you love it when people rebrand convincing you to think like they do by hiding certain negative facts and lauding other positive ones as ‘educating’ you? Seemed to me it was usually from people who had a personal stake in the outcome. Of course the whole point was to make it seem like your decision. What was that other word for it? I forget what it was. Oh that’s right. We called it propaganda.

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Breaking News: Second Life Mentor Groups Closing in december. WHOA!

That’s a hell of a news entry: Second Life Mentors going down!

Lexie Linden shoot in secondlife blogosphere one shocking announcement: volunteering-in-second-life-now-and-in-the-future

Starting with a praise to us, all second life mentors… “In case you didn’t already know it, Second Life wouldn’t be anywhere near as cool as it is today if it weren’t for our volunteers.” she continued “We’ve decided to retire the current Mentor Volunteer program—launching new opportunities for expanded volunteerism within Second Life. For more information about the close of the Mentor Volunteer Program, please take a look at our FAQ.

I’m sooo excited… NOT. Continue reading

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Few days ago, Party in Anytime, recorded through WeGame

Enjoy 🙂

Watch more videos of Second Life

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Another Linden leave the ship: Rob Linden, after a short while when Phillip said he’s moving.

Rob Linden Leaving the Lab

Rob Linden who is Rob Lanphier in real life announced on the SL Dev list that he is leaving Linden Lab.

Rob tells us he’s leaving due to personal circumstances, but people overcome personal circumstances sometimes when they feel they are doing a job that is really, really important where they are really, really wanted.

No doubt the chill on opensource that he would perceive, even though it does not end the program but merely makes it *accountable* is something he opposed, or at least wasn’t his idea, or at least wasn’t something he wanted to be the one to supervise, having to rein in all those people that he let do what they want all this time.

His “last words” was related to Snowglobe, the client i love and use 🙂

p.s. now let’s get Snowglobe 1.2 out the door 😉   RC1 available now:

Continue reading

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