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Emerald Login page On google statistics: 50k connections to SL using Emerald in 1 day


It’s a printscreen from Google Analytics for Emerald frontend page. Weird or not, they track your reall ip when you connect to Secondlife using their client.

It’s not against CS? Section Disclosure ? 🙂 Still, people like to share.

It puzzles me a bit, but it’s normal to know how many startups your client do.

What’s weird also on that page’s there’s 2 distinct channels: Greenlife Emerald Client. and Emerald Client.Why?

Does not common sense said that older versions are forbidden to log to agni… why those are still registered in your tracking? As there’s a report for last month (15oct-15nov).

Btw, Gratz Emerald Team! There were 50k connections from your client to Secondlife.

1% increase but’s growing.


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WTH: Second thoughts… The Sickness of Helping Newbies, the Sickness of Freebies

Just happens to be subscribed on Second Thoughts RSS.. there’s a lot of interesting articles. But, last one… “The Sickness of Helping Newbies, the Sickness of Freebies” it’s a big NO NO from me! And it’s not about XstreetSL, that’s already on LLab hands, they play as they want with that service offered to residents, to browse for products “out-world” and buy it there, or go inworld, to check the products “live”. It’s just because there’s a direct touch to SecondLife Mentors. To all.

My personal opinion it’s that most of us do that way: Browse for good stuff on XStreet, then travel inworld, following creator picks in profile, to see their products and purchase. More, lazy (i’m one of them) buys straight from Xstreet, as it’s more easy to reach products, than moving from shop to shop, waiting for relocation, rezzing area… But… always shopping inworld it’s more enjoyable than browsing a website. Continue reading

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