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Breaking News: Second Life Mentor Groups Closing in december. WHOA!

That’s a hell of a news entry: Second Life Mentors going down!

Lexie Linden shoot in secondlife blogosphere one shocking announcement: volunteering-in-second-life-now-and-in-the-future

Starting with a praise to us, all second life mentors… “In case you didn’t already know it, Second Life wouldn’t be anywhere near as cool as it is today if it weren’t for our volunteers.” she continued “We’ve decided to retire the current Mentor Volunteer program—launching new opportunities for expanded volunteerism within Second Life. For more information about the close of the Mentor Volunteer Program, please take a look at our FAQ.

I’m sooo excited… NOT. There… eat this: If you’re looking to volunteer, here are two Linden-supported programs that might interest you: 1. Second Life Answers. and Coming Soon: The Resident Help Network (RHN) Beta! As in reading a web page will show how to pull out that box from your head :))

That come right after a fiasco on the new server upgrade, to 1.32… that create issues with rezzers.Read more on Jira: Linking rules for large objects broken under server 1.32.

At the end of that blog announcement shared to community by Lexie, it’s stated: “Combined with these two new Linden-structured programs, we hope our renewed focus on volunteerism will enhance visibility of our volunteers’ efforts and improve the Second Life experience for everyone. But it’s the volunteers themselves that can make them a success—we can’t do it without you!

That make me think: what we, volunteers did wrong since we joined? We helped community. Now we’re called to order, to help LindenLab, right?  Content feeders. Instead of secondlife interaction with those new residents.What’s better?

Read more here, on their wiki FAQ:

And here, for you to read, the blogosphere post:

Thanks DanielVoyager for your quick post!

Other bloggers reactions, including that secondlife freebies (buy with 0L$) new policy:


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