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Make easy lindens in Secondlife by using

linden_dollarAll wonders how they can make easy money in Secondlife not offworld, and most regular solutions are by selling own products, camping or hunting for prizes. There’s also a majority that use gamblings, like Zyngo, or contest winning. That’s requiring your active presence there.

Here is another easy way, like google adsense for Secondlife, by using RezAds is your complete Second Life advertising solution. Its time for results! And those are just one click away.

It’s that simple: RezAds has a quick signup and only requires you select a RezAds username and RezAds password. After that you will need to place down RezAds billboards and start earning revenue.

What it implies? Rezzing a panel with commercials in your place, for your visitors, and… yes… that’s all 🙂

This system it’s a great one for shops, or places stuffed with people 🙂 For 8 prims as that billboard uses, you earn few lindens on each click on that board.Best place is near your landing point, or middle of shops.. make it visible.

Tested it inworld, it’s not laggy at all.

What is RezAds?
RezAds is networked grid-wide advertising system that connects Advertisers with potential customers. Advertisers setup advertisements that will show up on all RezAd Ad Boards throughout Second Life. Affiliates/Publishers place down Ad Boards (like this one) and earn a percentage of the revenue generated from advertisers.

You earn $Linden for hosting these Ad Boards. No more trying to sell ads at your location. Just place this billboard down and our advertisers will immediately begin being displayed, and you’ll earn $Lindens!

How does it work?
Place down 1 RezAds Ad Board at your store/club/mall/etc InWorld. We recommend placing it where most of your visitors hangout. On you can view how many views and clicks your Ad Board has received as well as how many Lindens you are earning. The amount of Lindens you earn will add up all week, and you will receive a payment on Monday after your Ad Board activity has been reviewed. (so clicking on it yourself will not work, it needs to be in an area where real avatars can use it!)

Once your Ad Board is active it will immediately start showing ads from our advertisers.

1) Register at to be a Publisher/Affiliate
2) Get an Ad Board, place it down at your location.
3) Earn Linden for the Views & Clicks your Ad Board generates.

Why RezAds?
You can earn extra Lindens by hosting a RezAds Ad Board as well as not having to buy an expensive Ad System. We’ll maintain the network, help advertisers get setup, and you can just sit back and collect your profit.

With most ad systems InWorld you have to BUY them and then you have to wait around hoping someone wants to advertise at your place. Thats a waste of $L! With our system you get a FREE adboard and we handle getting advertisers! No more having to explain how to setup an ad to your visitors, or trying to promote your adboard space. We handle everything for you, we know your time is important and you have much more important things to do like manage your land!

More Information
When you login on, you will have a complete walk through with real-time stats to your Ad Board.


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