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Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

ACTAThe proposed Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) that would change global norms for the enforcement of intellectual property rights is shrouded in secrecy.
What’s all about?
In order to benefit from the safe harbors, ISPs may have to provide new clauses in consumer contracts, to stop non authorized uses. The EU believes there some space for a “graduated response” (which goes further than the DMCA), sometimes better known as “three strikes and you’re out”. Yes, the EU is referring to, three strikes and they pull the plug, you’re not on the Internet… Details? No. That’s still a secret.

On the international front, it provides firm confirmation that the treaty is not a counterfeiting trade, but a copyright treaty. These provisions involve copyright policy as no reasonable definition of counterfeiting would include these kinds of provisions.

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Make easy lindens in Secondlife by using

linden_dollarAll wonders how they can make easy money in Secondlife not offworld, and most regular solutions are by selling own products, camping or hunting for prizes. There’s also a majority that use gamblings, like Zyngo, or contest winning. That’s requiring your active presence there.

Here is another easy way, like google adsense for Secondlife, by using RezAds is your complete Second Life advertising solution. Its time for results! And those are just one click away.

It’s that simple: RezAds has a quick signup and only requires you select a RezAds username and RezAds password. After that you will need to place down RezAds billboards and start earning revenue.

What it implies? Rezzing a panel with commercials in your place, for your visitors, and Continue reading

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Virtual Bucharest si ING WebCard in Secondlife.

Astazi a fost o seara mai speciala in Virtual Bucharest, si anume, s-au anuntat castigatorii la tragerea la sorti in cadrul companiei ING Webcard in Secondlife organizat pe simul Aurei Tatu. Sunt mai multe promotii pe rol, despre care puteti citi mai multe pe blogul ei, aici.
Despre Promotia ING Webcard am sa zic doar ceea ce era important: Iti faci cardul ING WebCard cu care poti sa castigi unul din cele 3 premii: 30.000 L$, 20.000 L$ sau 10.000 L$.
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