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Video streaming to SL, from windows…

I wanted to stream a short movie to my SL Tv, without uploading it to any of free video streaming services, like youtube, vimeo and others. At that moment came the B Part (not this one).  B.. from buuu… Yay for winblows! Quicktime streaming…

Because of Quicktime restrictions you will have a hard time, making it. Google’d (yeah, verb usage:P )a lot, tried many ways, but can’t make VLC Player stream a xvid movie to quicktime, using http or rtsp protocol. Blame it… I’m sure it’s a workaround, but it take too much time for me to figure out.

So… as no “real-time” conversion was able (from my research, i’m open to suggestions)  i switched to Darwin Streaming Server, an open-source app from Apple (hmm… app… apple… *BITE*).

Compiling on my 64bit vista… fail. Grabbed a previous built from Internet, ran it…. and tested with sample files provided. It worked! Effect: instant happiness on my face (was around 4am, and i was still awake… 3h of sleep and then work. Pfft!)

Next day, came the streaming session… movie. For that, i had to convert my .avi to .mov format. Boo! converted, but still not working. WTH? I was sooo close, but still far away for the streaming cheer-up beer session.

More research revealed that streamed clips (video) must be HINTED. That was the last step. I’ve hinted my mov movie, that i converted earlier using a free tool and… and… copied in Darwin streaming server movies folder.

Test went perfect, used browser and inline quicktime player to check it first, and then…. copy pasted it in media settings of my client.

got beerYAY FOR BEER!!! Stream was perfectly working.

Cheering ceased suddenly. Why? when i realized that i’m such a dumb, uploading and downloading back my stream, at 800kb/sec.And doing that at 3AM, when i was supposed to sleep.. DUH!

Haha! But it does not matter, me happy today. Converted a RL party clip and “tossed” it in my SL TV. double YAY!!!


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  2. Web casting, or broadcasting over the internet, is a media file (audio-video mostly) distributed over the internet using streaming media technology. Streaming implies media played as a continuous stream and received real time by the browser (end user). Streaming technology enables a single content source to be distributed to many simultaneous viewers. Streaming video bandwidth is typically calculated in gigabytes of data transferred. It is important to estimate how many viewers you can reach, for example in a live webcast, given your bandwidth constraints or conversely, if you are expecting a certain audience size, what bandwidth resources you need to deploy.

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