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So how can I enjoy Second Life, even if I hated it before?

A great article from here ( describes some tips and tricks to enhance your Secondlife experience. Good for new residents or older.

So.. Some quotes from this article:

How can I enjoy Second Life, even if I hated it before?

It’s actually not that hard! While I have a couple tips for newcomers and former players alike, they all have the same theme tucked away inside of them — take initiative. Don’t let Second Life come to you, go out and tackle Second Life.

Or, to put it another way, treat it like a tool and not a video game. Look upon it like you would the Internet. Out inside of Second Life, just like the internet, is the stuff you like to engage with. You just have to take the time to find it. It’s the internet, only visual.

Another good tip:

Tip #3 — Be social!

You see the people over there? Talk to them! You like someone’s avatar? Tell them! You looking for a specific sim? Ask questions!

One of the most important assets you can have is to speak with the others around you. Find out new things, make new friends, and actually experience SL rather than just watching it on your monitor. If you want a good place to check out that’s reliably filled with people, I recommend the city of Nova Albion. If you’re new and you want more help with Second Life, then I recommend checking out all of the help options at New Citizens Incorporated.


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